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World Super Bikes Donington 2011

World Super Bikes Donington 2011 As one of my last treats whilst working in the Automation Systems division of Mitsubishi, I was priviledged to get an invite to their new corporate box at Donington Park Racetrack. The new upper level box is situated just before the first corner (Redgate) so there is a mad scramble for position with lots of excitement! The event, held in March 2011 was the European round of the World Superbike Championships. Although a great day for bikers, I had another reason for wanting to attend a high performance race meet. My main was to get some experience and practice some high speed race photography....

New Villa Video – Download Now

New Villa Video – Download Now I have just put together a short slideshow which shows the Spanish Villa, Verdemar III Estate and a few of the local beaches. Download the file below and unzip it. This unzips to an application which can run without any installation, so it doesn’t add anything to your computer. Once it loads it runs the slideshow which I am sure you will enjoy I think it  is a little bit impressive! Hope you do too Verdemar III House and Area Video

The Images of Winter

The Images of Winter Winter is a wondeful time of year as it brings deep frosts and snow covered landscapes. The trees are bare of their foliage and yet carry the jewels of berries waiting to nourish the birds. For the photographer this winter wonderland is full of opportunity to see the world fringed with crystal frosts adding sparkel to the last colours of autumn. The collection here was taken during early dawn at Scalford Hall in Leicestershire, and outside our home in Milton Keynes. So here are a few of the images Click here to see the...

‘Baby Fest’ – Part 3

‘Baby Fest’ – Part 3 Erin and Jan enjoying each other’s company. The Bentick babies numbers are increasing. This set of images was taken in November 2010 and Jan and I were very pleased to meet Erin and Mikey. Much better looking than their dads of course…. We were also joined by Eden on the day. It was a total “baby fest” and I am sure that Great Grandma Alma didn’t know which way to turn. I happen to know that Jan has a great time with lots of hugs from the day. I hope she doesn’t get too broody! Mikey coping with all the girls. Although I didn’t get any...

Even More Bentinck Belles

Even More Bentinck Belles The Bentick babies are fast growing up, so this time I included some other Bentinck Belles. The’re all there… Daddy, Grandma, Grandad, Auntie Jan and Great Grandma. Of course the star of the show once again is Eden. So here are a few of the images Click here to see the results. Enjoy!

Bentinck Babies

Bentinck Babies Last weekend, we had the priviledge of meeting up with some of the newer members of our family. Grace had just had her first birthday and is now racing around having found her new legs, and Eden was a full 6 months old, not quite yet on her feet, but I suspect she can’t wait for the day to try and outrun her mum and dad. How time flies! Of course it was a good opportunity to get the Olympus Pen camera out and try to snap some family shots. I thought that with Eden being less mobile, I might find it easier to set up a good shot as she would stay put. How wrong I was!!! So here are a few...

Holiday 2010

Holiday 2010 Jan and I had a great time of relaxation on a recent visit to Spain. We have added a number of pictures into the existing villa pages. The new photos can be found in the appropriate pages under main Spain tab. Click here to go direct to the main villa pages. During our break we had a great day out with friends, Colin and Dot and went to Tabarca Island for the day. The outward journey was excellent as the ferry crashed up and down as the boat drove against the waves. Jan felt a little different about the event, but any queasiness was soon forgotten once we landed on the island. They day ended...

Studio Session – Family Portraits

Studio Session – Family Portraits These photographs come from a studio portrait  session held in a home environment with our family – Sara, Andy and grandson Hayden. There were a few challenges with lighting, but we managed this shoot in our living room, and Jan was my lighting assistant for the session. Real home grown stuff eh! Look out for Hayden’s famous “speedo modelling” shot.  Highly amusing, but he is banned from repeating it… Click here to see some of the photographs taken on the day.

Photography Update

Photography Update The ACE photography course has made me look closely at the areas in and around Milton Keynes recently. I have had to consider all sorts of “technical” concepts in getting the best out of my camera. However, I am really enjoying the projects I have to undertake. It can be a bit of pressure, especially the week where we were tasked with producing 9 images. One of the projects I had to do was to use a different lens to the normal one I use. At first, I found this quite challenging, and was ready to ebay the lens.  I soon found  I was wishing for my standard zoom lens at all the...

Hayden Photos

Hayden Photos Sunday was warm and sunny so we decided to go to Riverside walk between Wolverton and Cosgrove. Hayden joined us for the walk. I wanted to do some photography for my ACE photography course, so I took the camera, and one for Hayden. The pictures you see on Hayden’s Photo Gallery are his alone, (apart from the obvious ones where he is in the shot). He chose all his own shots, and I think he did very well for a first attempt. Enjoy the...
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